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Itris Software

In 2002, Compañía General de Software developed a new product called Itris Software. It is a complete Business Framework (business application development environment) that has the following features:


  • 100% internet connectivity.
  • Relational database MS.SQL Server, Oracle.
  • Adaptable to business needs (Customizable).


Itris Software attributes and benefits

Itris Software is one of the few products on the national market designed with a Kit for the development of new functionalities and extension of the existing ones.

It has an open Script for the entire family of Itris products and tools that allow a natural coexistence between new functionality and customizations.

It contains an open and definable data dictionary, script engine, open workflows and reporting engine.

It is a flexible and malleable product with a three-tier architecture, Web Services (XML/SOAP).

It allows standard updates, connectivity through the Internet, total portability without the need to install third-party software (integration of branches, points of sale, administrations, plants, warehouses, accounting studies, traveling salespeople), online and real-time validations, accounting, multi-base, economic groups and consolidated bases. It does not have repetition of loads.

It is a product with market-leading database engines (MS-SQL Server)

Itris Software