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Compañía General de Software

Compañía General de Software was born in May 2000, led by renowned experts in Information Technology (IT) and Software Engineering with more than 15 years of experience in these areas.

We provide software solutions that help our clients evolve their business, respond quickly to new opportunities, and always stay one step ahead of their competitors.

We develop and implement flexible and highly standardized software solutions, which allow you to optimize your Company's business processes.

The solutions provide our clients with competitive advantages: they visibly reduce costs per process, improve ties with their clients, integrate and strengthen existing distribution channels.

We design solutions for a wide range of applications: from simple workgroup systems to complex B2B projects.

Our software solutions guarantee the security of investment and a higher return on it, thanks to a modular architecture and the use of existing industry standards.

Compañía General de Software

ISO 9001 

Compañía General de Software is a company certified under the ISO 9001:2008 standard, generating and offering products and services under controlled conditions.

Compañía General de Software